October 13, 2016


This week, we bring you the following articles from the internet that we think are interesting or beneficial. Enjoy!!

Scholars, Speakers and "Edu-tainment"
 muslimmatters.org - Commentary
The first of the series, this commentary on the current culture of "Edu-tainment" should be interesting and hopefully start a discussion on this matter.

How to Resist Distraction
bakadesuyo.com - Productivity
Distraction is always an issue for most of us. What are the tips to address this issue? The articles give 4 tips that we can try to use in order to be less distracted.

Death of a King
time.com - World Affair
The long reigning king of Thailand, King Bumipol Adulyadej passed away on on Thursday. He was beloved by his people and his death will surely have a great impact.

Refuting Isis
masud.co.uk - Clearing Misconception
Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi,  In a lecture given at Zaytuna College in California, he expertly dismantles and destroys the theological basis if the so called Islamic State.

God is The Wise
islamreligion.com - Islam 101
One of the attribute of Allah is that He is Al-Hakeem (the Wise). This short article briefly discuss this attribute of Allah which is mentioned more than ninety times in the Quran.